Tweedledum, Tweedledee and Jamie Oliver

I get to vote once every 5 years and then it’s only for Tweedledum, or Tweedledee.
I have no real say in how this country is run.
Judging by the policies of the main parties, they both work for and are in servitude to the Multinationals and the People who own Wall Street.

Even their determination to keep us in the EU is a reflection of this; as it enables the people in charge to gather control of the EU nations into one set of reins, with various trade treaties such as TTIP and TPP joining up control of the Globe.

Neither I, nor any other citizen has any real say.
But just to add insult to injury, I have to read about various piddling prodnoses shooting their mouths off about how they think they should also give me a kicking.

An example is the call for a tax on sugary drinks by a TV chef (Jamie Oliver) and the CEO of a cancer charity (Cancer Research UK’s Alison Cox).

Why are these people’s opinion’s given air?

Let the TV chef concentrate on messing about with good food (plus overly expensive flavourings).

Let the Cancer Charity CEO go back to pulling down her lavish salary and controlling her empire of chugger’s.

Let me go back to fantasising about living in a Democracy.


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