paying bloody big peanuts for ill-formed Laws

660 MP’s are paid very good money to make good law but, it seems, they consistently fail.

A phrase  concerning monkey’s and peanuts is thrown at the electorate, every time their tame IPSA awards them another pay rise.

We are expected to accept that as a clinching argument, yet surely monkey’s could pass better constructed tax laws: Tax Laws, which aren’t riddled with loopholes that allow Big Business and the super-rich to avoid their contribution to the funding of our Country.

They let the richest pay virtually no tax and then tell us that we can’t afford an effective Police force, Army, NHS, or any public service that it is the duty of Government to provide.

Then these people try to create a Law (or beef up an older Law) to prevent a gang of murderer’s escape justice by claiming that they don’t know which of them was responsible for the final death blow.

The Joint Enterprise Law, the wording, designed by Legal experts and approved by our MP’s, is able to be torn up, and cast aside as the worthless mouthings of a 660 strong body of self opinionated shallow thinker’s, with little life experience and even less depth of thought.

We now  have 600 murderer’s filing legal plea’s for a re-trial.

Each one costing huge amounts of tax money, which we have been told we can’t afford.

Legal officer’s will fatten their bank accounts, some murderer’s may well go free and a few more public servants will be sacked to pay for it all.

Worst is the electorate will try to pretend it’s not happening and just decide to not bother voting anymore.


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