@daily_politics How independent is IPSA, when Sir Ian Kennedy (who he?) feels forced to gift them excess salaries?

A letter sent to Daily Express and Daily Mirror (10/2/16) about MP’s sneaky little system of ensuring excess pay rises.

The Chairman of IPSA, Sir Ian Kennedy, makes it sound as if he’s being forced to increase MP’s pay,.
Why does he believe he has to ratchet MP pay to Civil Service pay?
Is it something he’s taken from “Yes, Minister”, where top Civil Servants ratcheted their pay to whichever Commercial counterparts (e.g. bankers) had had the most generous settlements?
Perhaps the MP’s who oversee the work of this stooge, might reccommend tying their wages to that of Junior Doctor’s, who by any criterion, deserve better pay than our MP’s.
One query: who sets the pay of Sir Ian Kennedy?


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