@BBCNews It’s time Government investigated combating video drone use

The story of a near miss, by a drone, of a passenger plane, is deservedly worrying, especially as we know that Government will take no notice, until a passenger plane has crashed, killing someone important to them.
More worrying than the possibility of use by amateurs, paparazzi, or terrorists, is that they are being used commercially.
Here, in the UK, we are told that Amazon is experimenting with them for parcel deliveries.
In the USA, they are using them for police surveillance; common enough for a light reference to such, in the TV series “The Big Bang Theory”.
It’s now also reported that they are being used in a plan to implement 5G phone services.
Yet we hear of no plans to regulate, or more importantly, effectively  control their use, apart from attempts to jam their control signals above important buildings.
It’s not enough to set up a Quango to issue licences, we need a policing organisation that can restrict drones to air corridor’s, and effectively disable those, which venture out of them.
It needs to be done soon, because these devices offer plenty more innovative uses, as suggested here: https://defensesystems.com/articles/2014/08/15/drones-can-hack-wifi-networks.aspx


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