Just being brought up in Britain inculcates Christian values and in that sense, we are all Christians

I sent this to the Daily Mirror (24/12/15)
Despite an antipathy towards David Cameron, I have to agree with him that this is a Christian country, with Christian values.
I would apply this to those who are atheist and openly despise religion.
Those, who say this is divisive, are correct to the extent that it separates those accepting the spirit of Jesus’s teachings from those who embrace the teachings of the old testament.
We do not abide by the rules set up for an unsophisticated desert tribe, as set out in Leviticus.
We no longer need to increase our numbers to make our tribe more powerful, punishing homosexuality and praising fecundity.
Life is important, it is not sacred. (Consider that Jesus gave up his).
Jesus wanted us to live in peace and tolerate those, who are different.
He taught that we should help one another and support the weak, as in the parable of The Good Samaritan.
Maybe, on
e day, David Cameron will decide to join us and adopt Christian values for himself.


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