@DailyMirror Jack Blanchard should name the malcontents or tell them to “put up, or shut up”

email to Daily Mirror 21/12/15:

I found the item by Jack Blanchard to be biased and deeply worrying.
He refers to “moderate” MP’s wanting to oust the leader elected by Labour member’s.
While it may be fair to describe Jeremy to be on the Left Wing of the party, it must be surely be more correct to label these rebel MP’s as being Right Wingers. Otherwise, he’s implying that many Labour MP’s are further Right than these rebels.
His repeated reference to unnamed Senior sources speaks volumes about the character of those he is fronting.
Why hasn’t the cowardly “One Shadow Cabinet Source” resigned, instead of casting suspicion on all members of the Shadow Cabinet.
Shouldn’t the Editor of this paper, allegedly representing the ordinary Labour voter, be calling on MP’s to support the leader, for whom they have voted?
Shouldn’t the Editor of this paper be a supporter of Democracy rather than giving air to a mouthpiece for those at the back of the classroom.
They speak of ousting Jeremy Corbyn but how? The voters would just re-instate him.
Or, is it to be a coup? Some procedural manoeuvre in closed session to exclude ordinary members from voting? Something worthy of Militant Tendency?
If there is a coup, ending any pretence of Democracy, it’ll be the death of The Labour Party.
So far they’ve relied on people of my generation, from the Industrial area’s, to continue voting against the Tories.
But the Industry has gone and the Folk History is dying along with those who remember it.
Why would people vote for Moderate Tories, rather than Austerity Tories, or UKIP Tories?
It appears that two of those parties will be uniting to get us to vote to stay in the EU, just as they united to get Scotland to stay in the Union, probably with the same degree of sincere pledges.
Nigel Farage must feel gleeful, after reading Jack Blanchard’s News story.

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