@UKLabour what are the politics behind Cameron’s burning desire to go to war?

Wonderful! there are generals, who believe that they could clear up ISIS in 21 days, given a ground assault.
All things being equal, they probably could; just as the Israeli’s destroyed the Iraqi forces and the Syrian forces and the Egyptian forces, who had invaded to wipe them out.
However, everything else is not equal.
First, there is no-one in ISIS to surrender and call off further attacks.
Second, the Kurds, who are mooted as being the ones to oversee the peace are being attacked by the Turks.
Third, the Turks, our allies in the region, have been allegedly providing “comfort” to ISIS, in exchange for attacking the Kurds.
Fourth the Russians, who have joined with Turkey in building gas pipelines (economic battle with EU) are also assisting Assad destroy forces opposing him and ISIS.
They might not be happy about US and European having dominance in this region.
Do we attack from the South and hope Turkey will join the Kurds in preventing ISIS escaping North along routes, which have allegedly been open to them?
Do we attack from the North and assume that Turkey will allow us to aid the Kurds?
What about the Kurds? Kurdistan was split up and parcelled out to Turkey, Iraq and Iran, by the Western powers, after WWI, won’t they be expecting a little quid pro quo?
After Blair and Bush’s adventure in Iraq, the main complaint was that there had been no exit strategy, only the dishing out of rebuilding contracts.
Is this what will happen with Cameron’s war?


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