The real threat of ISIS is that it will throw back civil liberties to the time of the Peterloo Massacre.

Reference the attascks by ISIS: It is the loss of our freedoms that we should be concerned with.

Hitler and Stalin would have loved the powers that our Governments have given themselves.

They can track us, individually, via our GPS systems in our cars and phones. Presumably this was why the terrorists in the previous French attack  (known by the Security forces to be dangerous, without a blanket trawl of everyone’s on-line activity) used a couple of dozen different mobile phones in arranging the attack and the escape of their families.

The power, to hack our phones, means the security services can activate the microphones in our smart phones, download all our messages. All whilst we think our phones are switched off (according to Snowden).  As many have their mobiles linked to their bank accounts, it is conceivable that they could be emptied, also.

We have more CCTV’s per head than anywhere else in The World: These can be connected to software which can identify people from faces, from a mile away (I think it’s called Sentinel).

They have been intercepting our emails for over a decade (Echelon) and even local Authorities are allowed to do so. The new legislation just makes some aspects legal.

As far as reading all those emails, that’s not necessary; they have software which, like Net Nanny, looks for key phrases and flags up suspect ones

Other liberties are in danger; in response to the recent attack, in Paris, it is likely we’ll see armed units on our streets, maybe even private militia (the government likes to privatise and has used G4S in Afghanistan etc.) with Army supervision.

We could have a generation growing up thinking that these trappings of a Police State are normal.

We could have a generation of politicians thinking that it is their right to use these power’s against people who won’t behave themselves, as was the case at the Peterloo massacre.


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