Snooper’s charter wouldn’t stop Paris attack here, so why yield our freedom?

The attacks in Paris are thought to be by incomer’s, probably aided by other anonymous incomer’s and, maybe, residents.
Presumably it is the covert resident’s that the snooper’s charter is allegedly intended to discover.
With 128 dead and many more injured, it seems unlikely that a snooper’s charter would have prevented the attacks in Paris.
The best it could do would be to enable a trawl for the accomplices and identify the killer’s, as known terrorists. What use is such “intelligence” ?
Such an approach would be a lengthy one with a lot of luck needed and with little hope of preventing another closely followed attack, if one was intended.
In fact, in all such incidents, where Security forces had advance warning, including those, where the IRA phoned in the attacks, they seem to have been unable to prevent attacks, e.g. the homegrown Luton cretins and the Charlie Hebdo attacker’s, where they orchestrated their actions by mobile phones.
Under our Laws, there is very little that can be done, until a crime is committed and even when a crime has been palpably committed, little can be done to those involved, or their instigator’s e.g. the butchery of Drummer, Lee Rigby.
A better approach would be to focus on the attacks.
It might be expensive but Army units and/or SWAT teams on stand-by would have limited the number of deaths in an attack, like that in Paris.
Rapid response teams could, at least, enable a more prompt arrest of lone wolf killer’s, against a decision to continue their slaughter.
If Hi-tec is seen as the answer, then devices, emulating the ability of sniffer dogs to smell out explosives, could be deployed, using Networks similar, or parallel to the myriad CCTV’s, observing our every move.
A short term measure might be to make possession of plastique, or Kalashnikov’s punishable by a mandatory 10 year sentence.
Cabinet member’s and Member’s of Cobra, are awarded salaries suggesting they are considered to be of high quality. Surely they can come up with better solutions to fighting Terrorism, than the equivalent of steaming open the wife’s mail to see if she has a lover, who is stupid enough to delare it in a letter.
Government should stop trying to micro-manage its citizenry and take measures to deal with the aggressor’s.

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