databases are continually being hacked/leaked. Identity Fraud must be the banks responsibility.

It’s hypocritical of politician’s to berate Talk Talk for being slow to react to the recent hack of its customer database.
This isn’t the first company to be hacked and it won’t be the last.
Politicians need to do more than complain about how slowly the stable door has been closed, after the horse has bolted.
Stretching the analogy, it’s obvious that stronger bolts aren’t the complete answer, although there are encryption techniques that companies can use to help limit the damage..
We need measures to ensure that once the hackers have customers details, they can’t exploit them.
Exploitation can done by making purchases, using customer credit cards but
Banks have the software to identify unusual transactions and that could be enhanced by companies having some means of fingerprinting their databases.
Banks could also prevent fraudster’s from using customer details to take out new credit cards, without adequate checks.
Banks could agree a maximum level of monthly withdrawal, without customer presence.
This would prevent phisher’s using customer details to empty customer bank accounts.
In all cases, banks are ultimately the key to defeating hackers and this may be the real problem; persuading politicians to pass legislation holding banker’s to account, for releasing our money to the fraudster’s and, so, financing further attempts by them.

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