poppy day is no longer genuinely meaningful for most of the present generation.

There was a time, when the poppy was the only badge-pin sold as a charity.
It was made by ex-servicemen, using wire, red-paper and a tar button.
My dad always wore one to commemorate the men he knew, who had died.
The reason I wear one is to respect my Dad and those he remembered.
Most of my dad’s generation have died and I’ve noticed that there isn’t the same respect shown poppy day, anymore.
The anti-war white poppy misses the point, entirely, but has, despite its disrespect for those who died, a certain validity in decrying the political realities, which led to those deaths.
To me. it’s like wearing a white golliwog badge to show that you oppose racism, or anti-clockwise Swastika to show you’re an anti-fascist.
I know that the wearer’s are all fervent supporter’s of the white poppy and their interpretation of its significance. It’s just sad that the original point of wearing the red poppy has been distorted to the point that they see it simply as a symbol glorifying war.
The reason that this has happened is that rembrance day has moved into the political arena.
Originally, the politicians attending the State-run Service were ex-servicemen, who, like my dad, were actually remembering those, with whom they had served. However, few, if any, of the present generation of politicians have any awareness of that era, when people stopped at the eleventh minute, of the eleventh hour, of the eleventh day, of the eleventh month, without any bell, hooter, or klaxon to tell them that they should.
In fact, the generation, epitomised by Blair, show that Remembrance day has become more of a mock show of respect by those, for whom, it has no emotional significance beyond that of being seen to appear to be respectful.
It maybe that we should, within the next decade, drop the pretence of an emotionally charged ceremony, except amongst Service personnel.
I, personally, lost my respect for The British Legion, which administers the funds collected,when after the Falklands war, we were informed that disbursements were made according to rank. i.e widows of officer’s were paid very generous pensions but those of squaddies received nominal sums.
It would be nice, if we had a Government, which truly represented us and looked after those who placed their lives on the line to protect us.
It would also be nice, if our politicians saw our soldiers, as compatriots (true patriotism), rather than toys to be gambled/ expended in unnecessary foreign adventures.


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