The BBC’s “Rip-off Britain” program allowed Energy companies to claim their poor billing could be fixed with smart meter’s (!)

The BBC’s “Rip-off Britain” program would be redundant, along with many similar program’s, if Government were doing its job policing us.
That program had one presenter announce that most problems it received tales of were about the privatised energy companies and their bills.
It’s ridiculous all these energy companies do, apart from advertising themselves and running a website, is take meter readings and calculate how much they#ll charge us for the energy produced by and transferred by another company.
A P.R. asked to explain the fiasco being faced by certain customer’s, tried to claim that it was all the fault of our antiquated system of meter readings.
I’m sure there are some Sun reader’s who’ll buy that load of proverbial but a moment’s thought shows it for what it is.
Growing up, we had meter’s that had come with the house and were probably still there until privatisation, when the new companies came up with less easily fiddled meters.
A smart-meter doesn’t take a more accurate reading than me, or the meter-man, who comes to check my veracity.
The smart-meter doesn’t make up the bills, which is where the complaints arise. These companies are trying to exploit their own incompetence by getting us to buy(indirectly) meters, which will save them the cost of sending someone to read them.
They’ll still mess up the bills but we won’t be able to challenge them.
There is, I’ve read, another more sinister aspect, in that they’ll be able to spy on us (and make extra profit from it).
The smart meter’s can sample our electricity consumption at Broadband speeds and deduce out TV viewing. A little more hard to believe is that they can also deduce the keys being typed on our computer’s, should they be that interested.
Main thing is we’d still get dodgy billing but without even TV reporter’s being able to challenge them.


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