If we get nuked, will we care about retaliation?

The cost of Trident is crippling us but we are told by politician’s that we must have it.
The proffered explanation is that is a deterrent I.e. if someone chucks one at us, we would chuck one back.
O.K. which someone?
If it was Russia they’d not just send one, they’d send enough to obliterate us.                                           Even the politicians buried in their bunker’s wouldn’t survive.
Here, we’re assuming they could get to the bunker’s in the 4 mins., which would be the time between someone had thought to switch on the sirens and the ICBM’s landing. That’s a big assumption.
Here’s a few more.
Politician’s think that a nuclear war is surviveable. Who by?
Politician’s think that there’ll be enough warnings for them to ensure that they’ll be within timely reach of a bunker.
Politician’s assume that Russia will use ICBM’s and not Satellite platforms i.e. barely enough time to ask if that siren is genuine.
UK politician’s believe that their Nato allies (i.e.the USA) will fire back. Uh-oh! one of the Cold War scenario’s was UK obliterated, US would say “OH,Dear! very sad. Do we really want to start swapping missiles with Ivan and maybe hurt U.S. real Estate values?”. E.U. NATO allies were assumed likely to capitulate and make plans to move their citizens farther away from the R-A fallout of the defunct UK.

So not really a plausible attacker. What about N.Korea?
Maybe Kim Jong-il has missiles and is dumb enough to fire first. so dumb enough that he’ll attack us but not dumb enough to attack the U.S.. To what end?
If he’s that mad, then he’s unlikely to worry about our firing back.
There, again, we have to assume that the U.S.A. will let us fire missiles to land so close to Japan, or South Korea.
China might also react badly to such an action.

How about ISIS?
They’re going to attack the UK? Not Israel, or the USA?
Assume that’s likely.
Their M.O. suggests it’s possible but they’d get a patsy to fire it fom Morocco, whilst they’re all in Syria. Where would we aim ours?
How about a fixed Islamic target?I
Iran has been a big worry. So they fire on us. Likely?I’d think the Hawks in The Pentagon would go crazy with delight. A perfect target for their nukes. Even if we didn’t pay protection money (by buying Trident), they’d jump at the chance to turn a North African into a piece of Radio-active glass, without risk of heavy political censure.

On the other hand, Let’s assume that it was actually protecting us from attack.
Attack by whom and why?
Switzerland and many other countries don’t feel a need to be protected by having a nuclear arsenal.
Why don’t they feel threatened?
Are they threatened?
I suspect not.
Why not?
Because they aren’t throwing their weight about, pretending to be a great world power, or the lackey of one.
I’d be quite happy to live in a country, where the politicians were only concerned with domestic affairs, rater than strutting about on the World Stage.
I’d feel a lot happier about the fact that I’ve not got a reserved space in the nuclear bunker, should a stray 1 kT bomb drop nearby.
I’d feel a lot happier that those with a space in the bunker, didn’t feel it was, therefore, safe to rattle their saber’s.


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