Charity. The only growth industry in Osborne’s austerity Britain.

If Gov’t were fit for purpose, there’d be no need for so many charity companies
How many cancer charities do we need? Each with a CEO earning(?) a 5 figure annual salary, with a descending hierarchy of salaries for admin roles.
This is before any money trickles through for research or specialist treatments.
I took especial note of one lady claiming, on a TV program about buying and selling antiques, that she’d turned a hobby, of re-selling car-boot items, into a career by setting up a charity for a niche cancer.
I know the present generation of politician’s are fixated by thee Wall Street dogma, of the State sloughing off responsibilities, onto the private sector, but isn’t the Wall Street mantra of economy of scale more relevant?
The job of Government is to keep the citizenry safe, not to farm it.



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