@David_Cameron @UKLabour shame on those defending Hunt and destroying #NHS

This is really so shameful that I had to get it onto Twitter from Facebook. One wonders what Hunt has to do to earn the condemnation of any of our Centrist(?) MP’s. Surprisingly the same people advanced the argument that this situation had been ended by joing the EU . Just another EU lie.:

Níall Ó Gréacháin

I’m a 24 year old Junior Doctor, currently in an A&E post in the North East of England. Having just finished shift tonight and finally gotten home, I’ve arrived into an quiet house, my two house mates in bed, most likely asleep as most people are at this time of the morning.
I haven’t seen my housemates in 4 days. That said, I’m not quite sure when I will see them next, as the next day I finish work before midnight is next Saturday.
That will be 13 days straight that I haven’t seen those people that I live with.
I haven’t had a proper meal in nearly a week, just a few bites of a sandwich whenever I get a chance. The first break I got tonight was 22:30. I had 5 minutes before being called back to resus.
Tonight, I’ve held the hand of a old lady with advanced dementia, who had fallen over and injured her hip. I held her hand while she screamed and punched at those around her, she was frightened. She didn’t know what was happening.
Tonight, a middle aged man was brought into to resus; sweaty, clammy, dizzy and genuinely frightened.
He thought he as going to die.
His heart was literally beating that fast it couldn’t adequately perfuse his body. And he was scared, and his wife was too. She looked at me, ‘But Doctor, he’s going to be okay isn’t he?’
Tonight I had a young woman who had drank a bottle of whiskey, passed out and was brought in via ambulance.
She was of course nothing but pleasant to me and the rest of the emergency staff. How dare I interrupt her sleep to ask her some questions.
Tonight I got paid less than a manager of a fast food store.
Subway, McDonalds, KFC.
They all get paid more than me and my colleagues.
Tonight I face the news that the government has imposed a renewed contract upon us junior doctors, more hours, less pay.
The government states that hours worked between 7am to 10pm, Monday to Saturday, would be ‘Normal Working Hours’ and not be afforded premium pay.
Tonight, I’m now questioning myself why? What is the whole point of this anymore?
Am I, and the rest of the over worked, underpaid, under-valued junior doctors worth less than a manager of a fast food outlet? Do we matter that little in society that its acceptable for the government to impose a real terms pay cut in the region of 30%. THIRTY PERCENT, when MP’s have just taken a 10% pay rise.
Tonight I ask you to question, do you feel this is fair?


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