#SocialismToday #Corbyn time to win the battle of the Media.

Blairites describe themselves as moderates and modernists. All semantically euphonious.
They describe Corbyn supporters using Tory terms of abuse, such as Marxist and fantasists; all with negative connotations
This needs attention;
e.g.Blairites are hawkish, right-wing careerists.
Corbyn supporters are caring, populist, Labour-traditionalists.
Right-wing politicians from UK are going to the States and soaking up the lessons on propaganda gleaned from Goebbels and refined by their own marketing techniques. In the process they are being seduced into adopting Republican values and seeing them as normal.
If Corbyn is to be successful, he needs to counter this acceptance of American political values (basically what we’d think of as Victorian e.g. the Poor deserve contempt) and begin pushing notions of fair treatment and true equality of opportunity.


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