It’s past time to rebuff the banshee’s of feminism, homophobia, racism etc.

The recent story about the man, who refused to leave the train seat, which had been reserved by a heavily pregnant woman, shows how feminism has messed things up.
Not only did this boor prove himself a bully and a snide, he proved how the rest of those on board had been intimidated by this perverted dogma.
A recent TV program (It was alright in the 70’s) poked fun at the attitudes of that era, ignoring the fact that it was that generation which brought in the legislation, intended to end racial prejudice, homosexual prejudice and female inequality.
It is the present generation which has taken the victim culture to the present extreme position, where this man felt safe from censure by those present.
Back in the bad old days, no man, even a sadistic bully, would have dreamt of sitting, whilst a heavily pregnant woman was made to stand. This would have also applied, if he had booked the seat, himself.
If he had remained seated, others would have been quick to enjoin him, possibly forcibly, to offer his place to her.
I know that many of the present generation would offer their seats and would have disliked this boorish behaviour.
The point is that we are scared of the banshee’s, always so ready to launch an attack on anyone who betrays even the slightest hint of behaviour that can be misconstrued as racist, homophobic, or sexist. Ageism, fattism, lycra-wearism and no doubt other -isms, which seem to be awaiting legalisation and social legitimacy.
I’ve no doubt that in another generation they’ll be mocking this pathetic social malaise, if we haven’t all become totally paranoid before that time.

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