which petitions are from plebs and which from Government?

Letter to Daily Epress 23/7/15

I’ve just received an e-mail from 38degrees.org.uk, saying:
“In a matter of days or even hours, our Environment Minister may allow banned toxic chemicals to be used on UK fields. It’s the profit hungry pesticide industry vs. our beautiful countryside.

Liz Truss, the Environment Minister, is about to decide whether to rubber stamp a request to ignore the European ban on bee-killing pesticides, and allow them on our fields this autumn. Even her own experts rejected the application, but they’ve now been gagged by the government. It’s all pretty dodgy. But it’s not too late.”

Of course it is important that bees are protected (for commercial reasons, if for nothing else) but what concerns me is that Government is alleged to be going against the EU on such an issue, which can not really be a cause that they’d wish to defend, when they roll over to have their bellies tickled on every other edict emanating from Brussels.

It’s also an issue, on which I’d expect 38degrees to achieve success.

So how has this story come out?
This disconnect makes me wonder if this is the beginning of a black propaganda campaign to persuade the “concerned” section of the electorate that they need to be protected by the EU.
I’m also wondering if we will see other straw-man issues, where the EU can ride to the rescue, distributing largesse.


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