Tories seem to be throwing every argument they can think of to stop Corbyn

Letter to Daily Epress 24/7/15

Whether or not Jeremy Corbyn wins to leadership of the Labour party is not something that those supporting the Tory party have any say on. In fact they do not have any right to a say on it, having cast their vote elsewhere.

If Corbyn does win, it will be because a very large number of voter’s believe that the present Labour Party does not represent them.

Each attack on Corbyn’s belief’s, is an attack on those voter’s and will be seen as an attempt to stifle them and deny them a say in how the country is run.

At present David Cameron and his supporter’s are triumphalist in their ability to impose their belief’s on how the country should be run.

George Osborne is almost bursting with pride at the apparent stamp of approval for his handling of the Economy. So much so that he approaches the despatch box with an overwhelming and almost gleeful confidence, announcing even greater austerity with another huge hack at departmental budgets.

Corbyn’s support is coming from those, who have already been sacrificed in the name of austerity.

It will not be lessened by denigrating the views of those at the bottom of the heap, or by threatening to swell their ranks.

The most ridiculous aspect is that there are member’s of the Labour Shadow Cabinet, who are still denying that it is Labour voter’s who are supporting Corbyn.

Tony Blair’s speech is reminiscent of a compere berating the audience, for not clapping the acts


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