Only those brought up in Islam and converts are joining Isis.

Letter to Daily Epress 24/7/15


It is an abuse of the English language for Abdul Quddus to say there is no link between Islam and terrorism.

It would be perfectly fair to say there should’nt be any link between Islam and terrorism but that is not what we keep hearing.

He, and other apologists do not help the situation by denying the link.

It is not Christians, Hindu’s, Buddhist’s, Jain’s or atheists journeying to join Isis and kill anyone who does not accept their version of Islam.

We know they are killing mainly other Muslims but the clue is in the word “other”.

Imam’s, such as Abdul, need to look at what aspects of Islam are being perverted and used to persuade member’s of their community to join Isis.

They need to then ask themselves, if they are explaining their belief’s properly, or are they perhaps sending out conflicting messages, as Christianity once did: e.g. Love thy neighbour but kill witches!


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One Response to “Only those brought up in Islam and converts are joining Isis.”

  1. Jack Sprocket Says:

    You will know from local history that there was once another Enemy Within- the Recusant Catholics, who were numerous in Lancashire. Roman Catholiism certainly was a serious threat to the English state- the Armada was only the most spectacular of many attempts to intervene in English politics. And like Muslims today, they were suspected of disloyalty to the state- in some cases justifiably, in most cases mistakenly. I think there are many parallels with British Islam today. Then, you had the young and fervent travelling secretly to Douay, and coming back as priests full of fervour and zeal. Their mean free path may have been short (some dozens were horribly executed, but we know nothing about the ones who weren’t caught). But it took a couple of hundred years before the official Catholicism renonced violent change, and settled on (ultimately ineffective) persuasion, after the 1745 Jacobite dsaster. I hope we can learn from this, and persuade Muslims that whatever may be the right interpretation of the Koran, the peaceful life of proselytising by example rather than by force is far the most effective. As a non- Muslim, I respect Mullah Nasruddin, and despise Ayatollah Shouty or whoever else it is in charge just now.

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