Just a taste of what’s to come.

I recall My Mum telling me about a case pre-Welfare State (1930’s), where the Authorities offered support to the destitute.
The Support was means-tested but not a questionnaire about your income.
It consisted of welfare officers visiting your home and assessing your need.
My Mum summed it up in one example, where the officers turned to Mum’s friend and pointed at a mat, placed in front of the hearth. (to kneel on when clearing and laying a coal fire; hence a luxury item). “That would fetch a 1/- if you sold it”
To get help, you had to have less possessions than someone selling The Big Issue.
Generosity extended to the charitable gifts of itchy woollen vests for the children.
When the Welfare State has been sold off ; when Charities and self-help groups have been restored; then you’ll have the 1930’s back.

From there its only a generation more to get back to the Victorian age and 50% of Army recruits being rejected as too ill.


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