there was no problem with missed appointments until Gov’t introduced them pre-privatisation.

Sent to Daily Express but not published.
I would like to echo the call made by your reader, Valerie Price.
End the G.P. appointments system.
Does every patient need a 10 minute slot?
I frequently read of working people having to make appointments two weeks in advance. This is a ridiculous state of affairs, forcing people to hold off making an appointment, until it becomes life threatening and they need emergency treatment.
This is bad enough for those needing dental appointments but with so many serious and contagious disease starting off with flu-like systems, the situation threatens lives, with the possibility of epidemics being incubated.
Before Politician’s decided to bureaucratise the NHS, we had GP surgery waiting rooms packed out at those times, which fitted in with the working day.
The receptionist performed a sort of triage function, pushing anyone, with obviously serious issues to the head of the list and those, with a boil to lance, to the end of the list. She would also gauge when to close the surgery to further patients.
Those, who didn’t wish to wait in such conditions, could always pay to go private.
In those days, you made sure that you got to Surgery early. If you turned up with something trivial, you were made to know it and the doctor despatched you in a lot less than ten minutes. If it was serious, then an ambulance was ordered, taking you to the head of the A&E queue, possibly straight to a ward, where a bed would have been prepared.

Before anyone claims that the NHS is not fit for purpose, Government needs to decide that purpose. Should it be to make its services chargeable, or should it be to make the sick whole?


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