Instead of vainly trying to define the subjective, legislate enabling law on less problematic issues.

sent to daily express 24/6/15:

The House of Lords is debating the definition of psychoactive drugs and finding it very difficult.
No matter what definition they come up with, it’ll end up being tested in court, where the intent of the legislation could, after a very costly court case, end up being overturned by the twisted logic of one of our peculiar judges.
why not short-circuit this process by relying on the political nous of whoever happens to be Home secretary.
Instead of trying to define which substances we think should be outlawed, set up a Law which lets the Home Secretary add substances to a list of illegal highs.
The time from the release of each new legal high, until the time it’s added to the list of illegal highs, could be reduced from years to days.
Instead of trying to objectivise a subjective issue, we rely on one person’s subjective assessment.
An extra benefit is that whereas a judge’s decision would be permanently in place, a Home Secretary’s decision can be reversed, if politically desired, with a click of a mouse button.


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