forget about skinny jeans, sort out fat men’s belts and boa-constrictor-like inertia reel seat belts.

I sent this in a response to a piece in the daily express, which had, itself, arisen from the item on skinny jeans (24/6/15):
The warning on tight clothing may hopefully draw manufacturer’s attention to the problem of fat men’s off-the-peg trouser’s, which no longer have buttons for braces.
The only braces available for the mass market are snap-lock attachments, which are not up to the task and so prone to embarrassing failures.  
The consequence is that a belt is required.
A belt tight enough to ensure a good grip on belly flab, whilst standing, is going to cause severe constriction when seated.
Hopefully the present awareness of restrictive clothing may see some mass market clothier address this problem.
While they’re at it, perhaps manufacturer’s of inertia reel seat belts could address the problem of the continually tightening effect on the arteries supplying the heart of motorists.
On motorway journey’s, I frequently have the distracting experience of feeling a tightening in my chest, until I recall that the imminent heart attack merely reqiuires a gentle pull on the seat belt.


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