Can you support imposition of Sharia on UK, without tacitly supporting ISIS?

Sent to Daily Express (20/6/15). not printed:

I’d add to this, that one can’t support the imposition of Sharia Law on the UK, without tacitly supporting ISIS.
The nine deaths, in the Charleston, South Carolina, church shooting, arose from a religious culture in that part of the USA.
Many people in the Southern States are brought up to believe in the Bible as an infallible source of truth.
Selected parts, therein, are to be accepted without question (eating pork seems to be a noted exception)
The insistence on Creationism and similar bronze age religious teachings is what lays the ground for extremism and fanaticism.
It can’t be coincidence that so many gun crazies emanate from this background.

 Nearer home, we have David Cameron asking Muslims to speak out against those, amongst their number, who preach support of Isis, yet ignoring the impact of political opportunists, such as Baroness Warsi, trying to place themselves as apologists for any lack of action.
Yet further ignoring the “non-violent” but tribalist preacher’s, who, like the Baptist Minister’s in the US South, preach the same insistence on orthodox interpretation of selected parts of their Holy Book.

It is these devout Muslims, who lay the ground for the Isis criminals, enabling them to seduce their young people into believing that God wants them to murder innocent people.
If the moderate Muslims of Britain want their young to grow up in a happy and secure country, they need to reject orthodoxy and look at the spirit of their prophet’s message, as Most British Christians have done.
 A start might be to ask if it was the prophet, who insisted that women should wear veils.
If the answer is “no”, then perhaps they should discard such trappings of orthodoxy and cut away the basic blind obedience to it, which allows the insidious and unscrupulous to seduce their children into depravity.

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