Why does Government put onus for illegals on lorry drivers and not Ferries

written in response to attacks on British lorry drivers at Calais. My suggestion is that if Government was serious about stopping illegals, they’d make it the responsibility of those ferrying the lorries, who could actually take effective action. (but at a loss of profit)

Sent 6/6/15

The situation with our open borders has become farcical.
The recent exposure of Polish Lorry drivers, exploiting their EU rights to capitalise on the situation is making Government, of all political parties, look beyond incompetent.
We are now reading of British drivers being intimidated by immigrant gangs, partly because of our Government’s adherence to devolving State responsibility onto the private sector.
By fining driver’s, caught with illegals aboard their vehicles, they have attempted to shed a policing role onto individuals, who lack the power and authority to implement it.
If the responsibility must be passed onto the private sector, it would have made more sense to impose the role on the ferry companies, who have the wherewithall to organise and fund the role.

One can only assume that the ferry companies are in a position to refuse, whereas lorry driver’s aren’t.


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