who’s funding the Boat people to risk a sea passage?

I was caused to ponder how poor, starving Africans could afford an expensive sea voyage and would choose that dangerous option over a safe land based transit, It doesn’t seem logical.

Sent to Daily Express on 10/6/15

A recent report stated that most American citizen’s said that they’d be hard put to find a $400 lump sum, so it seemed odd to see, in Chris Roycroft-Davis’s piece, that the boat people were able to pay $5,000 for their embarkation on these death trap boats.

Such a sum raises other questions, such as how that sum was raised.

Obviously one can sell all one’s possession’s, but to whom?

Another question is why risk crossing the desert and attempting this insane sea route, when the land route would be cheaper and less risky (but slightly longer)

Although such question’s do not appear to have been addressed in media reports, it’s to be hoped that the EU politicians are aware of the answer’s, as they try to arrive at a better resolution of the problem than simply divvying them up and shipping them on.


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