The Tories, who think that benefits should be a loan, lack intellect

Sent to Daily Express on 12/6/15

This item ( ) on the BBC News states that a new book setting out a “radical” free market agenda for the Conservative government wants young people on benefits to repay their benefit money when they get a job.
On the face of it, this may seem a perfectly equitable and fair proposal.
However; only someone in the cloistered world of those in a high tax bracket would believe that it is practicable.
Leaving aside those not aspiring to a mortgage, or with a degree loan to pay off, would the vast majority of these youngster’s earn more than a survivable income.
How much could they be reasonably be expected to pay and at what rate?
Would that rate of repayment be worth the cost of collecting it.
The author of the book laying out this proposal (Kwasi Kwarteng, seen as a rising star on the right of the party) believes it would give such youngster’s “an additional incentive to find work rather than allow the debt to build up”.
The group, backing this proposal, fail to see how disincentivising this would actually be, in terms of the size of the debt, in relation to any plausible repayment rate.
At what point do they imagine that such youngster’s would weigh up the size of the debt and their ability to repay it?
This is not a generation brought up to “pay due deference to their betters”. This is a generation that “knows its rights”, knows that the prisons are bursting at the seams, knows that the police force has been severely savaged and knows that such a scheme is unenforceable.
In the words of “Yes, Minister”, let’s hope “the P.M. is smiling at it, not on it”.


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