Is the EU referendum a complete fake-out?

I wrote this before Cameron’s faux pas over a pretence of a free vote.

It was a letter to the Daily Express in response to what looked like misinformation by Leo MKinstry that Cameron might really favour a Brexit.

Sent 8/6/15

It would be nice if Leo McKinstry was correct in thinking that Cameron might come out against staying in the E.U. but the phrase “clutching at straws” comes to mind.
The evidence seems to be against Leo McKinstry’s conjecture and that once more it will be Hobson’s choice with only a Tory “yes” campaign and a Labour “yes” campaign: Both vilifying the “Kippers” as racists and nutters.
That the three main parties of the previous G.E. wouldn’t even contemplate a referendum argues against a true democratic choice.
The statements by Juncker and Obama added to the falsity of Cameron’s negotiating platform and the increase in tax-payer money to fund the campaign do not inspire trust in the claim that this will be a fair, or balanced referendum.
Why bother with an expensive exercise in futility, where the outcome may have already been decided.
I suspect that within a year, or two, we will have ceded sovereignty.

David Cameron will have no need to step down as P.M., because that post could well be redundant.


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