D John Akerman is right: what is the point of the EU?

I liked this lead letter from The Telegraph:

SIR – In the coming months, I must decide whether I want to remain in the EU. Right now I am having severe difficulties in working out what the EU is actually for.

Clearly it is not for delivering economic excellence for the benefit of its peoples, as the EU was doing pretty badly when things were going fairly well, and since 2008 it has been a disaster area.

It is certainly not for helping poorer members gain or regain prosperity when things turn nasty, if its behaviour towards Greece is anything to go by. It can’t be for the enhancement of our security in a dangerous world, because we already get that from Nato.

It is surely not for the delivery of superior governance or enhancing democracy since it operates in an alarmingly undemocratic manner in most respects.

As far as I can work out it is for one thing above all: closer integration between members to achieve some undefined, and quite possibly indefinable, end.

What is the point of that? Who benefits and how (apart from the rather well-paid and weakly taxed EU ruling class, that is)?

D John Akerman
Selsey, West Sussex


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