@afneil @andyburnhammp @UKIP It’s time we saw a list of EU pro’s and con’s

After listening to Kenneth Clarke, on the Daily Sunday Politics, it was obvious that the ” debate” on a Brexit, will be mainly sneer and counter sneer.

One of my pet peeve’s about EU membership is that it destroyed our fishing fleet.

Before we joined the Common Market, as it then was, we had huge busy fishing ports, providing most of the working man’s protein from the vast shoals of fish in our waters.

Within a decade of joining the Common Market, we had to push for fishing quota’s, to stop the French and Spanish fleet’s destroying our fish stocks. We only achieved them after great resistance and even now they aren’t enforced by those countries, where they are openly selling undersized fish.

If we left the EU and gave our Navy fishery vessels the right to board these EU raiders, our fishing stocks would eventually return to sustainable levels.

What was Clarkes inane slant on this? “the fish don’t Know that they are British” (really?)….. “we’d still need to have quota’s” (yes, pro tem, but we’d be able to enforce them)……. The British fishing fleet wants to fish other waters (yes! but not EU waters, which are almost fished out, which is why they’re ravaging ours)

Do we really need to be in The EU?

Let’s have the Pro’s and con’s of membership, not just the vague threats to jobs and specious arguments about lost trade.

There’s no doubt that immigration is not of itself a problem. The problem lies in the lack of housing and associated infrastructure such as fresh water, sewage, roads etc., which has failed to be put in place.

This needs management, something, which is outside of our control, whilst in the EU.

There is little mention, these days, of the EU’s protectionist policies, which have seen butter mountains, milk lakes etc. We’ve had subsidy scams involving olive trees claimed by multiple farms, fake sheep in Irish fields, fields of rape, thinly sown at their centre.

We’ve had VAT scams were criminals have shuttled butter consignments between countries claiming spurious VAT rebates.

There is no reason to suppose that these activities have ceased.

We’ve had a double insulation scam whereby the French were able to sell their cheap plastic hairdryers etc, under-cutting the safer metal cased ones that were made domestically.

What trade would be lost?

Would the French really stop buying our lamb? would they really cut off our access to their plonk?

What new trade would be opened up, or re-newed?

When we joined The Common Market, we were buying sugar from Our Commonwealth countries, in The Caribbean. Because it was too cheap for EU beet sugar growers to compete, a tax was imposed on it. Jamaica’s economy nearly collapsed, but if we leave the EU such taxes (trade tariff’s) would no longer restrict our trade with the Rest of the World.

Marshal the arguments and publish them before the flim-flam men, such as Clarke chivvy the young and naive into voting our country into being a European backwater on its fringe Economically and Politically, as well as Geographically.


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