Raindrops keep falling on my head. That’s a lot of wasted energy.

We, in the North don’t have a lot of Solar energy but we do have a lot of rain.

We are so used to sheltering from the rain that we have ignored it as a source of energy.

One way we could use it is by exploiting its impact.

A raindrop falling on a piezo-electric crystal will produce an electrical impulse.

Admittedly the energy from one small raindrop will not be significant but we’re talking of multitudes of them falling on our rooves.

If the numbers work out, then the solar panels placed, on rooves with a Southern aspect, can be paired with rain panels placed on the Northern side.

60+% of energy from the Sun is reflected back into Space, 30+% is held in The atmosphere (wind and rain) and eventually re-radiated back into Space.

We use about 1% and that is mainly from Fossil fuels.


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