Hitler’s supergun could be a better way to colonise Space

A program about Barnes Wallis made mention of how Nazi Germany tried to build a supergun to bombard London.

It only needed to be aimed in one direction, so it could be built in a large underground structure, reducing construction problems.

High velocities were to be achieved by a series of synchronised blasts along the length of the barrel.

It occurs to me that a modern version would be useful fo delivering payloads into Space.

At present, structures, such as the Space Station are built on the ground and taken up as part of the rocket structure.

It’s time that construction took place in Space, and/or on The Moon.
Using the principle of Meccano, or Lego, bricks, tiles, rods, tubes etc. could be put into a Warehouse orbit; available for use and transport by a Space version of fork-lift trucks.

Food, fuel etc. could also be warehoused, maybe at different orbital levels.

The gun itself could be a rail gun, whereby the necessary acceleration is achieved by pulsed inductive fields.

The cost would be minimal, in that energy would only be needed to put the payloads into orbit and the containers would become part of the payload, not needing any return to Earth.

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