@TheGreenParty Use wind power to re-cycle pure non-ferrous metals.

I was looking at some shop shelving and thinking that it was probably made of mixed, non -ferrous metals, like most cheap, metal products, and it occurred to me that the only way to get the pure metals back was by electro-chemical metal deposition.
This would be prohibitively expensive using electricity from fossil fuels but a wonderful way of exploiting wind power.

Suppose we had pure metal reclamation based on remote moors?

Electricity from wind turbines could be fed direct to electolytic cells.

Raw materials could be dropped directly into baths of acid (possibly aqua regia), equipped with carbon electrodes.

Setting at low voltage and stepping up to next voltage (related to each elemental metal), until current dropped.

Replacing electrodes at each stage. Pure metals (including Gold) could be recovered at each stage; at minimal cost: Certainly less than that of obtaining them from ore.
It would make wind power more relevant as alternative energy.


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