Political notions of Left and Right are lazy thinking and don’t reflect voter views.

So the reason Cameron crept in, contrary to the polls, is because of “The shy Tory”. Rubbish!
This is just another “view halloo” for the political chatterati, who have to be able to sound knowledgeable, without having any real insight into the lives of common people.
Cameron got in because of our FPTP system. It wasn’t the issues, so much as the constituency boundaries.

The biggest problem, for these overpaid pundits, is that they were taught that some issues were Left Wing and some were Right Wing. They can’t cope with the concept that individual voters will favour five from column A and six from column B.Like accountants they think that such a voter is slightly right, or left of centre.
So Labour moves towards the Right wing package and Tory moves to the Left wing package, and both claim the centre ground; then tear their hair that they aren’t winning landslide support from the dozy plebiscite, who are both Left of centre and Right of centre; simultaneously.

This is where Farage has been able to pick up support from both Labour and Tory, whilst SNP has been able to gain support from those Scots ex-Labour voters, who’d prefer to stay British.

The problem of uncontrolled immigration (and concomitant issues) isn’t Left or Right, it’s domestic issue, just as opposing Hitler was.
To my way of thinking, reclaiming The Falklands wasn’t Right Wing, whilst Desert Storm was.

Policing, capital punishment, prison conditions and sentencing aren’t Right wing issues, they’re just another set of domestic issues.
Many issues are seen as Left Wing, or Right wing by the political classes but are viewed , by voters, as perhaps for, or against the Nation’s interest. Or viewed as Fair, or Unjust. Christian, or Fascist..

Farage has recognised that the true centre ground is populism and has claimed it.
After the EU referedum, win, or lose, UKIP could become a major force, if it completely sloughs off this Left versus Right mentality and embraces populism (a.k.a, Democracy).
Whilst Labour could find itself without any support, if it listens to the insidious Mandelson and lurches back towards Blairite, “centrist” policies.



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