Full speed ahead with total privatisation, thanks to @Ed_Milliband.

Back a bit, when JFK had thrown a tantrum about Russia beating the USA into Space, we had all sorts of mad educationalists given free rein to re-invent Education.

It became a political football.

All sorts of stupidities were forced down the the throats of trainee teachers:

Learning times tables by rote was thrown out, in favour of understanding by counting on your fingers. ITA was brought in with a new alphabet, which only the pupils and especially trained teachers could use. Kids were told to sight read and the concept of phonics almost disappeared.
Worst was the concept of equality, which said it was wrong to label people as failures.

Everybody was to be treated as having equal ability.

The butterballs, like myself, only knew we weren’t superheroes because teacher’s told us so!

The idea of all born equal was taken up by some people, on the Left, who pushed this concept of equality into illogical extremes.
Kids were made to race but all were winners; ignoring the fact the kids knew otherwise. We were told to stop rating kids in terms of positions in class, as if they didn’t know, who was clever, or thick, unless teacher said.

A farce, and rightly ridiculed by the Tories.

But now the Tory education minister, following the lead of Blair, is exploiting the same inanity: this time  by standing the argument on its head.
She is going to privatise schools (turn them into academies) on the excuse that they are “coasting”.

I.e if you are not excelling, then you are failures.

Academies come under a different assessment body (themselves), so State schools, directly overseen by Ofsted, will always have most of their schools “coasting”, being Mediocre, bog standard etc.

By continually grading non-excellent schools as “coasting”, State schools will eventually be completely privatised, until there is just the best one and the worst one.



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