@unisdrm plot Earthquakes with a Global GPS system

The World is seismically very active; and consequently dangerous.
Consider that almost everyone in the West has GPS devices in sat-navs, smartphones, etc.
Why not use the relative cheapness of these devices to set up a world-wide web of the Earth’s surface?
Devices set at 1 mile intervals along lines of Latitude and Longitude could be used to map the movement of the tectonic plates and build up an accurate record of where earthquakes where occuring.
Those dropped on the sea floor would also help in accurately recording the effects of Tsunami’s.
The potential for understanding such adjustments in The plates would aid understanding and prediction.
If they were tied into temp and pressure devices, it would extend the net to weather-mapping and its economic effects

Others could be dropped onto glaciers etc. to accurately record their relative dispositions, or placred in Ocean currents, jet streams etc. to plot such movements, relative to the less mobile plates.

If we are going to have Globalisation, let it at least mean more than a few rich men getting richer.


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