@UKLabour @Conservatives @UKIP @NHAParty Why is the Graduate tax accepted as reasonable?

When I did my degree, I received a means-tested grant to cover my living expenses.

Post-War, it was seen as an investment in the Nation’s assets.

Of course, it only applied to 10% of the population, so it was less of an expense.

Since Blair, getting a degree hasn’t been about investing in the future, it’s been about getting people off the unemployment register, under the pretext of allowing people to develop their potential.

The tuition fee system is a sham in the sense that you only have to pay back your fee’s, when you earn above a certain salary. I.e. if you did a valueless degree (if nobody wants to pay for it, then it has no extrinsic value), then those fees were effectively a substitute for the benefits, you would have been paid.

On the face of it, even though it is a sham, it seems fair and quite clever in a political sense.
However; consider it from the point of someone, who gone through the system and achieved an education, which is valued by employer’s and has presumably made you a national asset.

If you achieve a salary, which warrants repayment, should you have to do so?

Shouldn’t that money be considered as having been a worthwhile investment by the Nation in its own future.

Consider further:……… Non-graduates, on the same salary, pay a lower rate of tax.

On the face it, a reasonable situation but, again, I question that assumption.

How did these non-grads achieve this salary level?

Set aside the likes of many politicians, who benefitted from nepotism, or favouritism. People on the public stage, celebrities, upper league footballer’s etc. ?

Who else?

Anybody making a greater contribution to Society, who deserves, or needs to have a tax advantage over the Graduates?

Why not just raise Income tax over the whole of that salary band and share the load. as we, the Nation, share the benefit?

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