Inheritance tax isn’t a problem for those taken into a Council care home.

Sent to Daily Express (12/4/15)
The Conservative offer of raising the inheritance tax threshold to £1,000,000 sounds OK and would appear to offer voters hope of being able to secure a safety net for their children.
The present generation living with student debts, mortgage’s and the yet-to-be-announced thrills of future austerity measures and related redundancies, deserves a glimmer of hope.
Yet, here,”Oop North”, most houses aren’t that highly priced.
In fact most houses just manage to bring themselves in range of an earlier Government decision.
I refer to the £75,000 care home threat, exemplified in a recent story, whereby a lady was turned out of her family home, after it was seized by the Local Council.
Her mother had been taken into a care home and under this Government’s legislation, the Council was required to defray the costs, by this seizure.
For many of us, the threat of being carried off to a Council care home, possibly against our wishes (as in one reported story), means the potential to have our spouses turfed out of their homes, becoming a burden onto their children, possibly at a time, when said children would be hoping to raise a family of their own.
George Osborne is either inept, or intends deceit.
Either way this promise is no enticement for voters but more of a slap in the face, for those in the middle income range.

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