#Devomanc, EU referendum, democracy

Sent to Daily Express (15/4/15)

I assume Stephen Pollard agrees with the Daily Express’s stand on an EU referendum.
I further assume that he abhors Miliband’s opposition to a democratic say on the matter.
In fact, the whole General Election is allegedly about Demcratic choices, so how can he laud the Tory Manifesto, which embodies another anti-democratic diktat, which is of great moment in this corner of The World.?
I refer to DevoManc
Osborne’s decision to impose an unelected Mayor on the people of this region, as threatened in The Manifesto, is highly resented by some and a cause of concern to most.
Admittedly this is a mainly Labour region, as witnessed by his co-conspirators being Labour backed councillor’s, but this authoritarian approach must mean that the leader’s of the Tory party are just as bad as Miliband and are happy to surrender any support that they might have had in the North-West.

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