@notacampaign @noneabove #noneoftheabove is a valid and effective voter choice

Sent to Daily Express (8/4/15)

Ann Widdecombe asks what would happen if “None of the Above” won an election.
This shows the lack of imagination of those who believe that the two party system is the only valid form of Government.
At one extreme, we could have a situation, after a General Election, of no M.P’s being returned to Westminster.
Would this be a problem?
No new laws, or rubber stamping of those from the EU.
Government would continue via the Executive implementing policy, as they do in the present hiatus between Parliaments.
In reality there would only be a few vacant seats and that is certainly no problem.
The vacancies wouldn’t occur, where voters felt that they had effective MP’s.
It would only occur in seats, where the majority of voter’s felt that they had no need for an MP, or that “none of the above” wanted to represent their views but simply wanted a high paying sinecure, as voting fodder for someone, who thought of theirself as a “leader”.
I and, I suspect, many others, would have no problem continuing without an M.P.
If people, such as Ann, felt that, for some reason, this was intolerable, then there could be a re-election, with those parties who had already offered a candidate, being barred.
We might have a situation where Noneoftheabove won again but isn’t that a dempcratic choice.
Perhaps, we’d have an “independent” elected, unopposed, by 1% of the electorate, but that was entirely acceptable in the Police Crime Commissioner elections and it’s certainly more democratic than the 0%, who will be voting for the first Mayor of Greater Manchester.

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