why I won’t be voting @UKLabour / @Ed_Miliband

All along Ed Miliband has stated that he will be keeping the UK in the EU.
Even though UKIP has been making inroads on traditional Labour voting.

Instead of listening to Labour supporter’s, he has merely tried to deride this support as racism. Plugging the idea that UKIP only wants out of EU to prevent uncontrolled immigration.
Yet, strangely, it’s the anti-immigration part of UKIP policy that Labour has embraced, even though it conflicts with the EU demand for open borders.

So, why this un-democratic stance of denying us a referendum on whether we want to stay in the EU, or leave it?

Why this demand for unquestioning obedience to The Party and The Party Leader?

Since Labour gained a 4 point lead in the polls, he has re-announced this demand and claimed that it is necessary to support the interests of Business.

Which Business?
The small business’s, who struggle with an ever-increasing burden of red-tape and slow paying Large Business customer’s (particularly Large retailer’s)?    The small businesses and shops, which pay their taxes and provide most of the Employment?
I suspect he actually means the Big Businesses and Multi-nationals.
The Big Businesses, like Amazon, Starbucks, Goldmann-Sachs etc. who don’t pay their proper share of taxes.
The Big Businesses buying up privatised State funded assets, such as the NHS.
The Big Businesses, which will fully exploit TTIP to overturn any “unhelpful” consumer protection legislation, especially those which hurts their profits.
The Big Businesses, which like to own politicians, through party donations.

I can’t vote for “none of the above”. It’s not allowed.
As someone who believes in the NHS and in the principles of Christianity, I can’t vote Tory.
I want to vote UKIP (out of EU) but don’t trust them.
That leaves the NHA Party, The Greens and a few parties campaigning to have the “none of the above” option. Parties, unlikely to get enough publicity to gain a decent share of the vote.
I’ll probably still be undecided on polling day.


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