Oil companies will decide what happens to the Falklands.

Letter (not published ) to Daily Express (29/3/15):

Richard Madeley bemoans the defence cuts and frets that Kirchner may be girding up for an Argentine invasion of The Falklands.
It does not seem likely that Osborne and Cameron have not considered the threat posed by this woman. Either they have the defence of The Falklands well in hand, or they have some political solution in the process of negotiation.
I can’t believe that they will waste money on stationing a bigger armed force on this remote island, than we will have left on our own.
Although we are keeping Trident, it would be infantile to believe that, in the event of an invasion, we would reach for the nuclear button, or that the US would let us.
That leaves the political solution, which must derive from the oil associated with the waters off The Falklands and the dependent region of Antarctica.
The driving ideology of modern politicians suggest that some sort of Trade Treaty is being negotiated, whereby some major consortium will take charge of the whole issue and dispense profits to both Governments, in an agreed manner.
Something of this nature must be in hand, because to believe the possibility, that Osborne and Cameron would just let Kirchner send an unopposed armada to seize the islands, is to believe that they wish to anger The Nation and destroy the Tory party forever.


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