Every generation has its own acceptable forms of bigotry and snide.

My generation is considered by the present generation as homophobic, racist and sexist (the men, at least.).
Considering that we grew up surrounded by a previous generation, who had survived two world wars, where they were killing and being killed by people, who simply lived in another land and who had to wear different uniforms to sort themselves from us, it’s hardly surprising that patriotism and racism were part of our culture.
These were church-going people, who took their religion and the rule of Law seriously.

They were respectful of their “betters” (a lesson well learned through the Workhouse and The Depression)and did not question the doctrine that said you were hanged for murder and imprisoned for male homosexuality.

They knew men, who were “queer”, but so long as they pretended to be straight, or, never got caught, then nothing was said.

Think back on your History and remember that right up until Thatcher’s time, The National Wealth derived from, industries requiring heavy manual Labour. The tail end of the Industrial revolution was about steel, steam, coal etc. Cheap Muscle was needed and that derived from the family unit.

Men were made malleable by their familial responsibilities. Men were the bread winners, working long hours, with little personal reward, except authority in their own home.
Sexist attitude were obligatory for both men and women.

Women were restless after WWII, having seen that they could be the bread-winners in many workplaces but feminism was the province of middle class educated women, until the industrial age gave way to the digital age and it was realised that more malleable women could replace the truculent, unionised and war hardened males, at a much cheaper rate.

So, yes, we were immersed in a sexist, homophobic and racist culture, it’s, therefore, not surprising that the likes of Dave Whelan forget that his comments are unacceptable in Today’s culture.

I caution you to bear in mind that as our parents formed our culture, we formed yours.

You no longer tolerate racism, homophobia, or sexism but it wasn’t your generation, which brought in the legislation to outlaw racism, which legalised male homosexual acts, which legislated equal pay for women and brought in paid maternity leave.

Your generation has a duty to the next generation to guard against creating a Society, which is intolerant of everything. There are already signs of the liberalism turning into tyranny with new “-isms” being created. We have signs of obesity being made a crime (fattism), speechism i.e. the use of phrases like “the n-word” being acceptable alternatives to the actual word.
Old racist, homophobic, or sexist jokes, are being re-cycled by replacing generic terms with the name of an out of favour individual: Need a fat man? I’ve heard Eamon Holmes’ name used. A stupid, odious man? How about Pearse Morgan. A blonde joke? tricky; for a while it was Jade Goody, until she died of cancer, but you get the idea.
There are just as many bigots and snides in every generation, the difference lies in setting boundaries and recognising when they need re-aligning.


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