New court charges bring us closer to US style democracy and Justice @UKLabour

New court charges are claimed to tax the Rich but will copy US system and deny legal access to plebs.
Consider if you are seriously injured, or your home is wrecked. If you sue for damages of £200,000, then you will need to pay £10,000 (5%) into court, before you even begin to incur legal costs. If you, or a loved one are severely incapacitated, the court charges could be astronomical, by pleb standards.

Ah! but if you, pleb, have insurance, the insurance will pay, if you have an airtight case and you can afford the premiums.
Problem is that this simply means that Insurance companies will gouge you.

This is where I go off into the realms of paranoia, based on the thesis that Wall Street is making our Laws, not us.

Reflect on the legal requirement to have car insurance.
The basic requirement is Third Party only i.e. compensation for personal injury to another. Insurance companies WON’T offer this.
They will offer Third party, Fire and Theft, or fully Comprehensive.
Usually the Comprehensive is cheaper, because there’s no profit in the other two.

Insurance companies then insist that damage to your car costing less than £200-£300 comes out of your own pocket (“excesses”).
You would still have to file a claim, so they can put your premium up.
It means that if your car is more than 10 years old, then you’re car will probably be written off with minimum compensation of about 2 year’s premiums, which you’ll pay back in loss of “no claims bonus”.
This is a ridiculously unfair scheme, only possible because of The Road Traffic Act
This is a legal requirement to protect people you could injure, despite MOT requirements, modern safety features, speed restrictions and drink-drive laws that have come in since The Road Traffic Act was created.
Worst is, if you’re a cyclist, crippled by a motorist, under these new court charges, you’ll need to have a similarly ridiculous level of insurance.

Look at America and see our future.


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