blame police if your children go bad.

Sent to Express (7/3/15 not published), response to complaint that police should have told parents that their daughters would use their passports.:
Does anyone else feel disturbed that the families of these three Isis girls are blaming the police and school, for not warning them that their daughter’s were intending to flee the country, to join this murder cult?
The families had been sent letters, via the girls, asking for permission to interview them.
This implies that the police and school believed the girls were trustworthy, else they would have posted the requests directly to the parents.
The fact that the letter’s have emerged so long after their flight seems strange.
Why hadn’t the girls simply binned them, if they had decided not to pass them to their parents?
Presumably household comments would have caused the girls to be aware of their parents disgust with Isis.
Parents would normally have longer and more intimate conversations with their daughter’s than any teacher, so why would teacher’s have picked up on their intentions, when their parents hadn’t.
Were these girl’s so isolated in their own homes?
Finally and more puzzlingly, why have the parent’s thought fit to bring this complaint to the Media?

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