@bbcbigquestions Is God what the priests preach or what the prophets believed in?

BBC’s big question posed the question should we as Christian’s “Do good, or do God?”
One audience member said “You could believe that theft was doing good”.

My impression was that the man was a Muslim and that his words gave an insight into a fundamental difference between Islam and Modern Christianity.

Just as in Medieval Britain, or some of the Churches of the US South, people accept religious doctrine as being superior to their own idea’s of good and bad, I believe that Islam is still in thrall to its churches.
Modern Christianity eschews old testament doctrine and theological interpretation, in favour of what we believe Christ was teaching.

We no longer believe that  homosexuals should die. we no longer believe that contraception is against God’s will etc.
We no longer listen to religious leader’s and adhere to whatever crap they spout.

Islam does.

The difference between Shia, Sunni etc.lies not in what their prophet tried to teach them but in what various religious leaders tell them was meant.

They kill each other and us, not because they believe that murder is good, or that their prophet said it was good, but because their religious leaders lead them around by the nose.
What Islam needs is for the people of that faith to sit down and read the words of their prophet and gain their own sense of what HE preached.
Yes! he destroyed the idols, which the various tribes had worshipped but did he destroy them because they were images of people and animals, or because they were being worshipped?
If a Danish cartoonist depicts their prophet in a cartoon, is that something, He would have condemned? If He saw them turning to Mecca to pray, or queueing to touch the  Kaaba Stone, would he be concerned?
Is the Crucifix an idol? Are the crucifix and the Kaaba stone merely points of focus like a Buddhist’s navel?
Bearing in mind what Moses, Jesus and Mohammed were trying to achieve should anyone do God, instead of doing good?
For me, the central theme of the prophets was to live in peace and enable others to do so. It’s also what, I believe, most people desire.

If you do good, you do God. If you do God, you could be doing evil, as happened with The Inquisition and as is happening with Isis.


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