@Daily_Express @BBCNews @The GreenParty I do not want a smart meter

I am one consumer, who does not want to have smart meter’s installed.
I have not heard one other person mention smart meter’s.

The only mentions have been warnings in the media, that they are heading my way.

I was therefore surprised to hear on BBC News that consumer’s are actually asking for them.
Perhaps one of these consumer’s can explain to the rest of us how they would use one.
Would they sit and watch the display, if it has one, with exclamations of “ooh!” and “aah!” as the central heating comes on, or the doorbell chimes?
Will they cut back on how many cups of tea they have, calculating how many pennies each cup costs?
Will they switch off the lights and TV, when they go to the kitchen to put the kettle on (in the dark)?
The only actual benefit, which I’ve read of, is that the sampling rate is so high that the supply company can tell which TV programs you are watching and sell that information to advertisers.
I suppose it could be of use to the intelligence services, as on-line articles tell us that the meter’s can also be used to tell about computer use, including key presses.
I wish I was rich, because I could become richer by investing in the company that is importing these devices. However I’m not rich, I’m just a customer.
As it was announced that every household will have one by 2020, I assume that we will have no say in this and I, also, assume that the cost of the meter’s will be added to our bills, so we will be paying for these dubious benefits.
The World my children will inherit looks greyer and more micro-managed, every day.


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