@Jasperfirst @Archangelolill Suffragettes achieved little and were only concerned with the Middle classes getting the vote.

The most significant change came when working class women were forced to take on traditional roles of men during WWI and, more so, WWII.
The law was only changed, after clamour from these women caused Employer’s to take notice and to see it as a way of both driving wages down and destroying the mainly male unions. (Gov’t not too bothered by unions with mainly women members)
If you look at female equality, from the point of view of the employer’s, it has been a great success.
Women are less militant, majority prefer to take on part-time work and settle for lower wages.
Women are vociferous but don’t take to militancy. (though when they do, it’s usually under conditions, which are so severe that they lead to a bloody revolution)
Women have lost out; becoming the main wage earners in some households and having to take on more than one employment.
Previously they were entitled to a State pension, at 60, based solely on their husbands earnings: Now they will have to work until 67 years of age before they can claim a miserly £140 per week
This will probably mean, they’ll have to continue working for any luxuries, such as birthday presents for grandchildren.

These figures are guestimates:
Present State pension maximum  is £113.10 per week (~£5,900 p.a.)
Lowest community charge is about £1000 p.a.
Typical dual fuel charge is about £1000 p.a.
Typical water charge is about £400 p.a.
Shopping bag depends on lifestyle but say £2000 p.a. (food,cleaners,clothes)
Assuming you don’t have a car and you own your own house, so don’t pay rent
(min of £5000 p.a. , up this way)
That leaves a fantastic £1500 p.a. to splash around on insurances, boiler cover, replacement washing m/c etc.and holidays (LOL)
(N.B. Austerity measures will probably ensure that these costs will rise to match the promised £140 per week pension)


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