@Daily_Express @Ed_Miliband @David_Cameron time to get rid of Baker days.

Letter to Daily Express

One of your reader’s expresses concern about teacher training days and demands that they be taken off teacher holiday’s. (Sunday Express letters 1.3.2015)

Could I once more ask you to correct this misconception of what teacher training days are.

Teacher training days are exactly what that reader is calling for; i.e. days taken from teacher holidays.

Her problem is that in order for them to be Training Days, Kenneth Baker decreed that they be dispersed throughout the school year.

If he had simply decreed, as she might wish, that the school year should start a week earlier, than that for pupils, it would have made life easier for pupils, teachers and school management.

Problem is that its purpose was not to improve education but to punish teachers, for protesting against Margaret Thatcher’s ending of free school milk. (Thatcher, Thatcher, Milk Snatcher).
So they are scattered throughout the year, mainly on Mondays, or Fridays, disrupting teacher lesson plans and forcing management to try and contrive some meaningless exercise that they can pretend to be useful.

Imagine a car assembly line being stopped so the staff can be assembled into the canteen for lectures on safe use of ladder’s, or how to fill in accident report forms, or how to cope with the stress of changing shift patterns.

Intoduced in 1988 to satisfy the vengeance of a womam scorned, isn’t it time some politician had the guts to acknowledge that this system is immoral, wrong and counter-productive.


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